From 2005 until 2018 I maintained a personal website which I self hosted on a server which was co located in a datacentre. Started out in Manchester, then moved to a cheaper location in Newcastle with Wildcard Networks. It ended up being a bit of a side hustle hosting quite a few different websites. As time when on the cost of hosting went up while the expectation of what was free in terms of bandwidth increased. By 2018 it no longer made financial sense to continue so I migrated customers away to Google cloud and Azure.

All that meant that my old site dissapeared from the web. I’ve had a few free hours so I decided to try and resurrect it from a backup in Azure. The site is a PHP / HTML with a coppermine album. My longterm plan is to migrate the content to cheaper services, utilise storeage accounts rather than use a Virtual Machine. However first step is to get it up and running.

Spin up a virtual machine on Azure.

Install software

Configure everything

Sort out the DNS